Ground Radar Utility Scanning at Industrial Facility - Des Moines, Iowa

GPRS was contacted during the planning phase of a large expansion project of an industrial facility in Iowa. The knowledge they had on hand of the existing utilities in the area was limited and they asked us if we could assist them in locating, marking, and documenting the existing utilities to assist in the planning of the project. Furthermore, as the project progressed they wished for us to update the utilities that they had installed or removed and provide them with a CAD file to use with their project.

The success of the locating allowed the project to continue unimpeded without shutting down the critical operations of the facility during the expansion. More importantly it allowed the project to proceed in a safer manner. Locating water, gas, fiber, sewer, and other utilities can prevent injuries. While on this project we also scanned a large sawcut area where they were concerned about conduits. Locating conduits before saw-cutting can sometimes make or break a project. GPR has become standard practice prior to cutting or coring concrete, because we all want to go home safe at the end of the day. Be sure to call 811, but also be aware that they only locate public utilities.

Our GPRS technicians are nationwide and can offer a wealth of information about how our services can best assist you with your project. Whether it is about pre/post tension cables or locating electrical lines; we got you covered. We have an excellent on-going training program that keeps our technicians up to date with the latest methods and technology so that we may provide you with the best service. We also work within a very strong safety culture and you can count on us to work with you to work safe every time. For all of your utility locating needs or concrete ground penetrating radar needs please contact; GPRS – Des Moines. Jonathan Deputy // Area Manager @ 402.506.0815. For more information regarding our services please go to GPRSinc.com. Also, be on the lookout for our new app that we will be releasing in November that will help you find your local technician no matter where you are in the country!

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